Fallow Deer

I often think of fallow deer as the “perfect” deer for bow hunters and on South Head we are blessed with very high numbers of these beautiful animals - including a good sized herd on the lodge property which we harvest at a sustainable rate. Locally, we prefer spot and stalk hunting as we like to see lots of animals, get challenged (beaten!) and get some exercise, but success rates are usually higher in a concealed spot. We have some areas that are excellent for ground blinds / stands should you prefer this method and I recommend mixing and matching depending on the conditions.

We have a couple of trophy stags at the lodge (see pictures) which keep the genetics of the herd at a high level, but they have pretty much worked out they aren’t on the menu and hang around the lodge - which will one day prove to be an error of judgement. They do make a great sight to wake up to immediately outside the guest bedroom though!